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Surf and Stays
Surf and Stays

Fast track your skills with our group surfing lessons, from the basics all the way to gliding along the green waves on your own. We offer a range of multi-day surf packages at affordable rates! Stay with locals at a Luxury Raglan Surf School with ocean views, enjoy a Gourmet NZ Meal and have a cold drink in the hammock as the sun goes down!

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Green Wave Raglan Surf School Top Rated Raglan Surf Lessons with Surf Coach Bing
Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Take your game to the next level with a private surf lesson. Learn all the necessary skills to become a confident surfer. Why not try riding a green wave with a Surf Coach from our experienced staff? Surfing can be a team sport!

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“Our aim is to be the most fun and affordable Raglan Surf School. We strive to deliver surf lessons of the highest quality. From our unique stabilizing techniques, to timing each surf lesson with the perfect tide. With our top of the range equipment and small personal groups, we can focus on each individual student.

Green Wave Team
What We Do

Surf Lessons With A Difference.

Best Conditions

At the Green Wave Raglan Surf School, we realise that conditions are always changing. This can quite often affect the quality of a surf lesson. Because of this our lessons are always run in time with the best tides. No two surf lessons of ours are ever the same!

Surf and Stay

2-7 day surf packages are available, at great rates. Accommodation, group dinners after a long days surfing and a program to fast track your surfing. What are you waiting for? Come surfing with us at your favorite Raglan surf school!

Quality Equipment

As surfers we hate to have the cold ruin our surf. Thats why we have top of the line wetsuits to keep you toasty warm out there. All of our boards are new this season. Safe and user friendly! We also provide the best-priced surfboard hire in Raglan if you’ve already got a few surf lessons under your belt.

Free Photos Included

All of our surf lessons include high quality photos of you ripping out there… free of charge! We are the only Raglan Surf School to offer this perk completely free of charge to our students.

Money Back Guarantee

Because our custom surf lessons run during the best tides, and because of the vast amount of surf coaching experience our team has, we are confident you’ll stand up your first time out. If you don’t, we will refund your surf lesson. No questions asked.

We Love To Surf

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in running safe, technical, and most of all FUN surf lessons. We want to pass on our love of the sport to you, our students!


Why Come?

The laid-back vibe. A creative, artistic feel. The bohemian spirit. Call it what you want. But this magnetic force draws in an attractive mix of friendly locals, curious travelers, and keen surfers. Raglan gets compared to an old-school Byron Bay – from 20 years ago. Yet our town has its own special identity.

With three world-class point breaks and a user-friendly beach break, Raglan is New Zealand’s premier surf town. The surf breaks cater to all ability levels ranging from first-timers to the world’s best.

So as you can imagine, Raglan has become a very popular spot for beginner and intermediate surfers to come and take surf lessons. The surf schools in Raglan are among the best in New Zealand.

And while many arrive here because of the surf, Raglan’s cruisy vibe has a powerful effect on all visitors. Just ask around, and you’ll soon discover how many people get “stuck” in Raglan for so long. Beware, Raglan might cast its spell on you too. Feel free to quit your day job!

With beautiful surroundings, new arrivals are greeted with the backdrop of Mt. Karioi. Challenge yourself with a full-day summit ascent – or simply enjoy one of Raglan’s shorter bushwalks. Visit the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls. Explore the crystal clear waters of our stunning harbour and its pancake rocks. And, of course, head over to Ngarunui Beach for a stroll along its black volcanic sand and have a go at riding a green wave!

The surfing in Raglan is great, but it’s not the ONLY thing we have to offer! Get out there and explore!

About Us

We’re your friendly local surf instructors.

Ryan Bellerby

I’m 25 years old, have been surfing for 12 and surf coaching for 7 years. Personally, I feel that surfing has shaped my life in a really positive way. Attending the Raglan Surfing Academy in high school allowed me to develop my skills in the ocean and learn how to analyze photo and video footage concerning the biomechanics of surfing.

For the past 7 years I have been surf coaching here in Raglan for the summers and travelling the globe in our winters, exploring new countries, cultures, and surf spots. Starting a Surf School in Raglan has always been a dream of mine. I find it rewarding to introduce people to our awesome sport, work through the technical aspects and then see the joy that riding a wave can bring.

Raglan is a special place in the sense that the ocean can impart so much joy in our lives. Due to the contour of our coastline, you can surf 365 days a year. We also spend time wake boarding in our beautiful harbour, kayaking, cliff jumping, and taking the occasional fishing trip to provide a tasty dinner for friends and family.

Zennor Wernham

I’m 36 years of age, I’ve been surfing for 26 years and been a surf instructor in Raglan for 15 years. I’ve enjoyed competitive surfing in and out of New Zealand, and represented New Zealand on several occasions.

I love Surf Instructing – you get to share something you love, and see that first hand experience of someone standing and riding a wave for the first time. Seeing the enjoyment and fun that they can have sometimes has a life changing effect. I enjoy meeting a lot of people from different cultures and of all ages.

After teaching for 15 years have learnt a lot about teaching techniques, how to communicate with a lot of different people, understanding that everyone has different mental and physical abilities when dealing with the water and the waves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or looking to take the next step in your surfing. Green Wave Raglan Surf School caters to all ages and ability levels. Come share our passion for surfing and the ocean.

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